BSLHomework1 and BSLHomework2

Following the launch of our new BSLHomework3, we are creating a new BSLHomework1 and BSLHomework2. The new packages will be available from the 1 September 2017.

To make sure we continue to support our level 1 and 2 learners:

  • From the 1 July 2017, anyone purchasing BSLHomework Level 1 or Level 2, will be given access to the current homework until the 31 August 17. From the 1 September 2017 your account will be moved to the Signature Learning Hub and you will be given access to the new BSLHomework1 and/or BSLHomework2 for a full year.
  • For anyone who has purchased BSLHomework before 1 July 2017, your account will remain the same.

A little more information:

The Signature Learning Hub ( is Signature’s new training platform. Here you will find teacher training, learner support and SignSpell, our new BSL product for primary school aged children.

BSLHomework3 ( is our new BSL support package for Level 3 learners.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

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